Rohit Joshi

The Joshi Story


Born in IndiaAugust 31, 1946, Joshi attended St. Xavier’s BoysAcademy and St, Xavier’s College in Bombay, prior to coming to the USA in 1964 for undergraduatestudies.   Joshi enrolled at the University of Akronin Ohio wherehe acquired his Bachelor’s in Economics and then completed his Master’s degreein Business Administration.  


The Indian Government having no foreign exchange inU.S. Dollars could not allow Joshi to receive any funds from India.   He had enough musical education in India thathelped him land a teaching job at a local music store.   Thus began the Americanization of Joshi.


Joshi completed his college education by teachingmusic and musical instruments and spent many nights playing music at the localcoffee houses.   In return, he receivedenough money to put himself through college, learn the ways of American familylife and the English Language.   In hissenior year of college, at the age of 22, he bought the music store in which hetaught.   The fact is that a pupil of Joshiwas the son of a bank president and helped him obtain the required loan withoutcollateral.   Now that is the ultimate“Businessman’s Dream”!


In 1973, Joshi met Edward J. DeBartolo, owner of the San Francisco 49ers andone of the largest real estate developers in the country.   He suggested that Joshi become a tenant inshopping malls with retail store R.J. Music.   Over the next two years, Joshi opened and operated 11 music stores inDeBartolo’s shopping malls across the East Coast.  


In 1974, he sold his company to a NYSE listed companyand under and exclusive contract he expanded retail operations to 160 morestores in shopping malls over the next two years in the U.S., Canada,and Mexico.   When this contract expired, Joshi decided hewanted to develop retail malls, a natural progression. He contacted his goodfriend and developer Jack Jacobs in Chicagowho agreed to work with him and “teach him the ropes.”


Three years later Joshi was ready and in 1979 at therequest of K-Mart, Albertsons Sears and JC Penny, he moved to California and opened Joshi & Associatesfor the development of neighborhood, community and regional mall shoppingcenters.   In the eighties, he employedover one hundred professionals to plan, design, finance, construct, manage andpromote real estate in the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona,Utah and New York.  


In the early nineties, representing Costco, Wal-Mart,Home Depot and Smith’s, Joshi and Associates embarked on redevelopment Agencyprojects in California, Florida, and Arizona requesting repayment of sales taxrevenues for financing acquisition and infrastructure costs for theirdevelopments.   Joshi assisted Price Cluband Wal-Mart’s expansion into the interior of Chinaand negotiated Hong Kong’s first publicly financed Disney Theme Park.   Think of complicated right-of-way; the citypurchased 500 acres of the Bay of Lantau Island near the airport highway forDisney.


From 1996 thru present day Joshi & Associatesbased in Las Vegas, Nevada USAhas been promoting Mixed Use Master Plan Developments by financing, purchasingand altering entitlements for adding value to the assets. Joshi &Associates with its vast contact networking and experience in real estateindustry is poised to continue its efforts in the expanding global markets andemerging nations.