Rohit Joshi

The Life of Rohit Joshi

Born in India August 31, 1946, Joshi attended St. Xavier’s Boys Academy and St. Xavier’s College in Bombay. Joshi enrolled at the University of Akron in Ohio where he acquired his Bachelor’s in Economics and then his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Joshi payed for his college education by teaching music and playing music at the local coffee houses. In his senior year of college, he bought the music store in which he taught. A pupil of Joshi’s was the son of a bank president and helped him obtain the required loan without collateral.

In 1973, Joshi met Edward J. DeBartolo, owner of the San Francisco 49ers and one of the largest real estate developers in the country. He suggested that Joshi become a tenant in malls with retail store R.J. Music. Over the next two years, Joshi opened and operated 11 music stores in DeBartolo’s shopping malls across the East Coast.

In 1974, he sold his company to a NYSE listed company and under an exclusive contract and in 2 years he had expanded retail operations to 160 stores in shopping malls across the U.S.,  Canada, and Mexico. When the contract expired, Joshi decided he wanted to develop retail malls and contacted his good friend and developer Jack Jacobs in Chicago who agreed to work with him and teach him.

In 1979 at the request of K-Mart, Albertsons Sears and JC Penny, he moved to California and opened Joshi & Associates for the development of neighborhood, community and regional mall shopping centers. He employed over one hundred professionals to plan, design, finance,  construct, manage and promote real estate in the states of Washington,  Oregon, California,  Arizona, Utah and New York. 

In the early nineties, representing Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and Smith’s, Joshi &  Associates embarked on redevelopment projects in California, Florida, and Arizona requesting repayment of sales tax revenues for financing acquisition and infrastructure costs for their  developments. Joshi assisted Price Club and Walmart’s expansion to inland China and  negotiated Hong Kong’s first publicly financed Disney Theme Park. The city purchased 500 acres of the Bay of Lantau Island near the airport highway for Disney.

From 1996 thru present day Joshi & Associates based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promoting Mixed Use Master Plan Developments by financing, purchasing and altering entitlements for adding value to the assets. Joshi & Associates with its vast contact networking and experience in real estate industry is poised to continue its efforts.


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